• Stitilis and Malinauskaite 2013 (†693)

    Stitilis, Darius and Inga Malinauskaite. "Evaluation of Legal Data Protection Requirements in Cloud Services in the Context of Contractual Relations with End-Users" Socialines Technologijos 3:2 (2013), p.390-414.

Existing Citations

  • availability (p.401): Providing availability means ensuring timely and reliable access to personal data. Each end-user of cloud services wants to be sure that, if necessary, he or she will have easy access to their data. It should also be noted that the principle of availability in practice is associated with specific risks. One special threat to availability in the cloud is accidental loss of network connectivity between the end-user and the service provider or of server performance caused by malicious actions, such as (Distributed) Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Other availability risks include accidental hardware failures both on the network and in the cloud processing and data storage systems, power failures and other infrastructure problems. Therefore, the end-users, before starting to use cloud services, shall check whether the cloud service provider has adopted reasonable measures to settle the risks. (†1579)