certification (records) [English]

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n. ~ 1. A process to assess some quality or expectation of a record, frequently its authenticity. – 2. An attestation that a record has some quality or meets some expectation.

General Notes

A record may be certified as to a number of qualities, including trustworthiness, reliability, authenticity, accuracy, integrity, identity, precision, correctness, truthfulness, or pertinence. Typically an archives certifies that a record is, in fact, the record received and that it has not been altered. Certification of other qualities are often done by individuals with particular, relevant expertise, such as forensics or questioned documents. In a legal context, certification may relate to the admission of copies in lieu of originals or admissibility of evidence.

Other Definitions

  • SAA Glossary 2005 (†241 ): n. (certify, v.) ~ 1. The formal process of asserting that a fact or process meets a standard. – 2. The process of issuing an official document (a certificate) attesting to the truth of a fact, the quality of a process, or the authenticity of a record. – 3. The process by which individuals can demonstrate that they have mastered an organization's requirements for professional practice. – certified, adj. ~ 4. Judged as authentic or as conforming to a standard. Notes: The term derives from the Latin certus (sure, determined, resolved, certain). Frequently used in the context of certified copies so that the copies can be accepted as equivalent to the original. Also used to attest that a process is trustworthy.