Existing Citations

  • right to be forgotten : [Note: This citation pulls a few salient points from a much longer article.] In privacy circles, everybody's talking about the Right to be Forgotten. The European Commission has even proposed that the "right to be forgotten" should be written into the up-coming revision of the Privacy Directive. ¶ Here's my simple attempt to remember the different concepts some people want to forget. . . . 1) If I post something online, should I have the right to delete it again? I think most of us agree with this, as the simplest, least controversial case. . . . 2) If I post something, and someone else copies it and re-posts it on their own site, do I have the right to delete it? . . . 3) If someone else posts something about me, should I have a right to delete it? . . . 4) The Internet platforms that are used to host and transmit information all collect traces, some of which are PII, or partially PII. Should such platforms be under an obligation to delete or anonymize those traces after a certain period of time? and if so, after how long? and for what reasons can such traces be retained and processed? . . . 5) Should the Internet just learn to "forget"? Quite apart from the topics above, should content on the Internet just auto-expire? . . . (†545)