Existing Citations

  • duty to remember : “Duty to remember” is translated from the French expression “Devoir de memoire”. It normally means the duty, the advice or the obligation, for the sake of human conscience, not to forget Nazism’s horrendous genocide which killed 6 million Jews in the Second World War. This crime was so enormous it went beyond what was considered human behavior to become completely inhuman. Humanity should never be allowed to forget this tragedy, this crime committed by man against man. The younger generation in Europe has been constantly reminded of this genocide by German Fascism. This tragedy, called Shoah or Holocaust, has been part of the curriculum at European schools so that students wouldn’t forget. ¶ Europeans convincingly say that they did so not because they simply “hate Hitler” or just to “remember the past”, but because they worry about the present and the future. They believe that if the younger generations are given complete information to realize how an insane and a murderous ideology has resulted in millions of innocent people being destroyed, there will be more chance of this tragedy not being repeated. (†2685)