"Building Trust in Information: Perspectives on the Frontiers of Provenance”

Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Lemieux on the publication of a new book, "Building Trust in Information: Perspectives on the Frontiers of Provenance.” It is available to order via: http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319402253. The book reports on the results of an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary workshop on provenance that brought together researchers and practitioners from different areas such as archival science, law, information science, computing, forensics and visual analytics that work at the frontiers of new knowledge on provenance. Each of these fields understands the meaning and purpose of representing provenance in subtly different ways. The aim of this book is to create cross-disciplinary bridges of understanding with a view to arriving at a deeper and clearer perspective on the different facets of provenance and how traditional definitions and applications may be enriched and expanded via an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary synthesis. This volume brings together all of these developments, setting out an encompassing vision of provenance to establish a robust framework for expanded provenance theory, standards and technologies that can be used to build trust in financial and other types of information.

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