International Symposium 8, February 18, 2019, Havana, Cuba

Keynote address: InterPARES at 20 - Luciana Duranti, Director, InterPARES Trust
A Foundation for Trust in Digital Preservation - Kenneth Thibodeau, ret. Senior Scientist NIST
Preservation of Authentic Digital Records Using Blockchain - Hrvoje Stancic, University of Zagreb
Storing records in the cloud: Issues of trust - Julie McLeod, University of Northumbria
Using enterprise architecture as a template of analysis - Shadrack Katuu, University of South Africa
Mutatis Mutandis: Evidence of Authenticity through “Metadata” and its Sources in Records Preservation - Joseph Tennis, University of Washington
Recordkeeping issues in networked online environments and guidance products issued by InterPARES Trust - Corinne Rogers, University of British Columbia
Panel on the impact of 20 years of InterPARES - Claudia Lacombe Rocha, Brazil; Rosely Rondinelli, Brazil; Alicia Barnard, Mexico; Aída Mendoza, Peru; Anna Szlejcher, Argentina; ArienGonzalez, Cuba; Mayra Mena Mujica, Cuba, Sharon Alexander-Gooding, Barbados

International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems, known as InterPARES and led by Dr. Luciana Duranti at the University of British Columbia, is the longest continuously funded social sciences research project supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada. Since 1998 Dr. Duranti and research colleagues around the world have built an international and multidisciplinary research network unparalleled by any other in its field of study. In 2019, InterPARES Trust, the fourth phase of the project, will come to a close. It is fitting that the final international symposium be held in Cuba, the site of much of our partner work in earlier phases. InterPARES Trust comprises seven teams: North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Transnational. The research has spanned all aspects of the trustworthiness of electronic and digital records in systems from stand-alone databases to networked cloud computing. Together the international team of researchers has accomplished much in the field of preservation of authentic digital records to support accountability and memory. Our findings have influenced policy, legislation, and practice around the world. In this final symposium researchers from the European, Latin American, North American, and African teams will present some of the key findings of InterPARES Trust and discuss the impact of 20 years of InterPARES!

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