Jessica Bushey presents in Helsinki

Last week Jessica Bushey, PhD cadidate at UBC and ITrust GRA, attended and presented at the Helsinki Photography Research Conference, hosted by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. You can view the program here: The conference theme was Photographic Powers and the papers were grouped into streams: Research, Curation/Museum, Politics, Archives, Practice and Photojournalism. The participants were predominantly scholars and professional artists from Europe, North America and Australia. Jessica's presentation, Investigating Sites of Power: Online Image "Archives", garnered significant interest about digital photography and social media networks. Both the aspect of preserving digital photographs accessed and stored in social media platforms and authentication procedures for digital photographs as evidence were new and concerning to the audience, which was largely creators involved in contemporary photographic practice. Overall, they were not aware of the potential risks that are presented by cloud computing and third-party management of their digital photographs collections.

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