Memories, Identities and Communities

InterPARES Trust research will be presented at Memories, Identities and Communities, Centre for Archives and Information Studies, University of Dundee, on Friday April 25th ( The session will be chaired by Alan Bell, CAIS Programme Leader, Records Management, University of Dundee, and presentations are: Laura Dymock, InterPARES Trust, University of Toronto, Canada. 'Community and identity transformed: An analysis of the patent genre from paper to digital environments' Dr Joseph Tennis, InterPARES Trust, University of Washington. 'Evidence or tea leaves? Digital records, fragmented systems, and authenticity metadata' Elizabeth Shaffer, iSchool, University of British Columbia on behalf of Dr Lisa Nathan, InterPARES Trust, University of British Columbia, Canada. 'Plurality and policy: investigating the role of policy in facilitating trust relationships between communities in the digital age' Dr Patricia C Franks, San Jose State University, USA. 'Transforming interactions between government and communities through social media: An InterPARES Trust Research Project'

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