Presentations from the 2nd International Symposium

Slide presentations from the Second International InterPARES Trust Symposium are posted on in Conferences, available by author: Overview of InterPARES Trust Research to Date, Luciana Duranti, University of British Columbia, Director of InterPARES Trust; Terminology Cross-Domain, Richard Pearce Moses, Clayton State University; Design Requirements for Metadata for Authenticity, Corinne Rogers, University of British Columbia; Social media and the crisis in the Ukraine, Volodymyr Lysenko, University of Washington; A Historical Study of Cloud-Based Services, Alexandra Wieland, University of British Columbia; Retention & Disposition of Records in a Public Cloud: A Risk Management Approach, Patricia Franks, San Jose State University; Cloud Service Contracts: An Issue of Trust, Marie Demoulin, University of Montreal; PaaST: Preservation as a Service for Trust, Ken Thibodeau, Program Director, NARA (ret.); A Privacy-preserving Approach for Records Management in Cloud Computing, Eun Park, McGill University; Digital Preservation in the Cloud: A New Zealand Case Study, Morgan Gradwell, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Standards of Practice, Grant Hurley, University of British Columbia

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