• Thibodeau 2013A (†266)

    Thibodeau, Kenneth. "Equation of Authenticity" [email] (15 August 2013).

Existing Citations

  • data management plan : K Thibodeau (email, 2013-08-05): One response to the increasing generation, conversion and storage of scientific data, at least in the U.S. Government, has been to promote the development of a data management plan as a necessary part of research planning. Some funding agencies require such a plan as part of a proposal. The plan addresses disposition, though with the default assumption that data produced in any research project that is brought to a successful conclusion should be kept for some time beyond the life of the project for possible reuse and repurposing, as well as to provide support for the conclusions reached in the research. Data management plans also address how the data will be maintained and what metadata will be kept with it. Given the rationale for the R&D project, I suggest that at least some consideration should be given to the option of producing records management plans that would be similar to data management plans, not only specifying the life expectancy for a given body of records but also setting out what should be done to ensure the records survive and are serviceable across that time. Such plans would be useful in articulating terms and conditions for cloud contracts. (†239)
  • form : I have only heard of two forms of digital storage which humans could possibly read and make sense of: punched cards and punched paper tape, but neither are used any more and there is near zero probability they will make a comeback. Humans are physically incapable of reading magnetic, optical or solid state media. You could go on at great length about what "meaningful to humans" means, but the nuts and bolts reality is: if you can't read it, it can't have any meaning. (†230)