Formal Partnerships

The scope of this research reaches across international boundaries and cultures and the issues it investigates presume the existence of an advanced technological infrastructure and a widespread use of complex technology embedded in the daily routines of people and organizations. ITrust is a research partnership that comprises over fifty universities and organizations, national and multinational, public and private, in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australasia, and Asia (the International Alliance). The researchers are experts in archival science, records management, diplomatics, law, information technology, communication and media, journalism, e-commerce, health informatics, cybersecurity, information governance and assurance, digital forensics, computer engineering, and information policy. New partners bringing diverse perspectives and complementary knowledge are welcome to apply to join the International Alliance partnership (contact the Project Director).

The partnership is organized in seven regional teams, each with a Team Director who, under the direction of the Project Director, form the International Steering Committee. In building the International Alliance, ITrust seeks parallelism in structure, composition and governance among regional teams, ensuring variation in knowledge and expertise, so that each Team offers a unique contribution to the Alliance.

The Alliance also includes Supporting Partners who will provide dissemination opportunities and ongoing feedback, and Individual Experts who are consultants in specialized knowledge areas and will contribute to the research pro bono.

Operation of the International Alliance

Each of the seven Teams meets twice a year (in mid-May and mid-October) for a three-day research workshop to report on and advance the research conducted in the previous six months and plan for the coming six months.

Once a year (in mid-February) the International Alliance will hold a three-day plenary research workshop in Vancouver, B.C. to review all the research carried out during the previous year, reconcile partial findings, discuss possible solutions, and decide on outcomes and knowledge mobilization.

The Project staff at UBC supports the work of the Alliance as a whole. Graduate research assistants at UBC support primarily the work of the North America Team, as well as many of the projects of the international teams. Graduate research assistants at partner universities support the work of their institution.

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