• Duranti 2005 (†277)

    Duranti, Luciana, ed. 2005. The Long-Term Preservation of Accurate and Authentic Digital Data: Findings of the InterPARES Project. (San Miniato : Archilab)

Existing Citations

  • authenticity (ref: Heather MacNeil and Anne Gilliland-Swetl): In common usage, the concept of authenticity is defined as 'the quality of being authentic, or entitled to acceptance.' The term authentic means 'worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact' and is synonymous with the terms genuine and bona fide.... it follows that an authentic record is a record that is what it purports to be and is free from tampering or corruption. (†240)
  • authenticity (ref: Authenticity Task Force Report, p. 21): The authenticity of electronic records is threatened whenever the records are transmitted across space (i.e. when sent between persons, systems, or applications) or time (i.e., either when they are stored offline, or when the hardware or software used to process, communicate, or maintain them is upgraded or replaced.) (†241)