Existing Citations

  • reliability (record) (p. 6): [Reliability] can be inferred from two things: the degree of completeness of a record’s documentary form and the degree of control exercised over the procedure (or workflow) in the course of which the record is generated. Reliability is then exclusively linked to a record’s authorship and is the sole responsibility of the individual or organization that makes the record. (†354)
  • reliability (record) (p. 7): A trusted record-making system should be used to generate records that can be presumed reliable. A trusted record-making system consists of a set of rules governing the making of records and a set of tools and mechanisms used to implement these rules. To generate reliable records, every record-making system should include in its design integrated business and documentary procedures, record metadata schemes, records forms, record-making access privileges and record-making technological requirements. (†355)