• Kohn 2008 (†285)

    Kohn, Marek. Trust: Self-interest and the Common Good (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Existing Citations

  • trust (p. 9-10): [Trust] could be termed confidence, or reliance, as in the Oxford English Dictionary’s first definition of trust: ‘confidence in or reliance on some quality or attribute of a person or thing, or the truth of a statement’. Some theorists distinguish between trust and confidence, reserving trust for agents with intentions and confidence for things and processes. ‘I do not trust the sun to rise each day, at least not in any meaningful sense beyond merely having great confidence that it will do so,’ observes Russell Hardin; who is also careful to distinguish between trust and trustworthiness, the latter being what is indicated by qualities and attributes. But although some might find it wanting in precision, the OED’s definition is not at odds with the view that trust is an expectation about the actions of others. Its last part serves as a reminder that of all the actions that trust is concerned with, few are more critical than the act of telling the truth. (†243)