Existing Citations

  • big data (p. 55): One way to think about the state of big data technologies is to draw an analogy with the business adoption of internet technologies. In Web 1.0, businesses busied themselves with getting the basic internet technologies in place so that they could establish a web presence, build electronic commerce capability, and improve operating efficiency. We can think of ourselves as being in the era of Big Data 1.0, with firms engaged in building capabilities to process large data. These primarily support their current operations–for example, to make themselves more efficient... ¶ Similarly, we should expect a Big Data 2.0 phase to follow Big Data 1.0. Once firms have become capable of processing massive data in a flexible fashion, they should begin asking: What can I now do that I couldn’t do before, or do better than I could do before? This is likely to usher in the golden era of datascience. The principles and techniques of data science will be applied far more broadly and far more deeply than they are today. (†283)