• Bicer, Chiu, and Agrawal 2011 (†308)

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Existing Citations

  • cloud bursting (5): "[...] using a combination of compute resources from a local cluster and a cloud environment to perform Map-Reduce type processing on a data set that is geographically distributed." ¶ "For many organizations, one attractive use of cloud resources can be through what is being referred to as cloud bursting or the hybrid cloud. These are scenarios where an organization acquires and manages in-house resources to meet its base need, but can also harness additional resources from a cloud provider to maintain an acceptable response time during workload peaks." ¶ "[...] through cloud bursting, organizations can also avoid over-provisioning of base resources, while still providing users better response time." ¶ "Cloud bursting has so far been associated with the use of additional computing resources from a cloud provider for applications." (†286)