Existing Citations

  • big data (p. 2): Big Data is characterized by the “3 Vs:” greater volume, more variety, and a higher rate of velocity. A fourth V, for value, can account for the potential of Big Data to be utilized for development. (†289)
  • big data (p. 4): If properly mined and analyzed, Big Data can improve the understanding of human behavior and offer policymaking support for global development in three main ways: · 1. Early warning [:] Early detection of anomalies can enable faster responses to populations in times of crisis · 2.Real-time awareness [:] Fine-grained representation of reality through Big Data can inform the design and targeting of programs and policies. · 3. Real-time feedback [:] Adjustments can be made possible by real-time monitoring the impact of policies and programs. (†290)
  • data philanthropy (p. 6): The public sector cannot fully exploit Big Data without leadership from the private sector. With this in mind, the concept of “Data Philanthropy” has emerged as partnership by which private sector companies share data for public benefit, taking the initiative to anonymize their data sets and provide them to social innovators to mine for real-time insights, patterns and trends. (†291)