Existing Citations

  • big data (p. 2): As the box on the previous page demonstrates ‘big data’ is generally about relationships. More specifically, it is about how individuals relate to other individuals and institutions having access to information about them. (†295)
  • big data (p. 1): Yet the discussion of its [Big Data] promise needs to be accompanied by the recognition that there is a personal side to this flood of data: it is created by unique individuals, and as such there are issues related to privacy and data ownership that must be addressed if the potential for good is to be realized. (†296)
  • data exhaust (p. 2): The second category of data is observed data, which is created by an individual’s interactions with technology, even when data provision and collection is not the primary purpose of the interaction. Such data is often referred to as ‘data exhaust’ because it is produced as a by-product of other technology functions. (†297)