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  • cloud computing : Companies around the globe are learning that while cloud computing has many virtues, perhaps chief among them is its ability to help business leaders shift huge chunks of IT budgets away from low-value infrastructure and toward customer-facing growth and innovation. ¶ And while the creative destruction triggered by the cloud is certainly shaking things up on the tech side, the disruption and upheaval will be even more widespread in the new levels of financial freedom and flexibility that the cloud will give to companies that use it wisely. ¶ This revolution is occurring on two fronts: within the tech industry itself, as IT companies large and small look to redefine themselves around the cloud; and among the businesses that are rapidly turning to cloud solutions to help them optimize where and how they spend their IT budgets. ¶ Because whatever boundaries exist today for the cloud, we can be sure that those boundaries will be redrawn, reframed, redefined, and recast to match the relentless expansion of this technological inflection point that’s not only remaking the tech industry but the ways in which businesses view the potential of IT and the way they should invest in it. ¶ That’s the central issue: what customers are doing with cloud solutions, how they’re able to free up more funding for growth and innovation, and how they’re able to adapt more rapidly and effectively to life in our customer-driven world. ¶ We’ll begin to see the real the real creative-destruction power of the cloud unleashed when we begin to define the cloud in terms of what business customers want and need, and when we stop diddling around with inside-baseball constructs that mean little or nothing to the businesspeople who are ready to spend many tens of billions of dollars on cloud solutions that focus on and deliver business value. (†324)