Existing Citations

  • cloud computing : There are plenty of definitions for "cloud computing" online, and for the most part, they generally point to the same thing: taking applications and running them on infrastructure other than your own. Companies or individuals who offload or effectively "outsource" their hardware and/or applications are running those apps "in the cloud." ¶ Saas: Google Apps,, Netsuite, Lotus, WebFilings, Zoho, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail . . . ¶ Google App Engine,, Windows Azure, LongJump, Rollbase, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, VM CloudFoundry . . . ¶ Amazon EC2, Rackspace, VMware, Joyent, Google Cloud Storage . . . (Source: Gartner AADI Summit Dec 2009) (†326)
  • cloud computing : While the advent of contemporary computer networking happened in the mid-1970s, no talk of anything remotely resembling a concept like "cloud computing" came about until about a decade later in 1984 when John Gage of Sun Microsystems coined the memorable slogan, "The network is the computer." ¶ As prophetic as Sun was back in the day, hardware (primary compute and networking) was neither powerful nor commoditized enough to realize this vision at the time. Cloud computing was still at least a decade away. (†327)