• Shadbolt et al. 2012 (†352)

    Shadbolt, Nigel, Kieron O’Hara, Tim Berners-Lee, Nicholas Gibbins, Hugh Glaser, Wendy Hall and m.c. schraefel. "Linked Open Government Data: Lessons from" IEEE Intelligent Systems 27 no. 3 (2012): 16-24.

Existing Citations

  • open government data : OGD [Open government data] will make an important contribution to the LDW [linked-data Web]. Its quantity will help deliver the network effects expected from the LDW, its provenance is clearer than that of many other types of data, and it is often seen as high quality, trustworthy, and neutral. (†337)
  • open government data : Releasing OGD [open government data] is not solely a technical problem, although it presents technical challenges. OGD is not a rigid government IT specification, but it demands productive dialogue between data providers, users, and developers. We should expect a "perpetual beta," in which best practice, technical development, innovative use of data, and citizen-centric politics combine to drive data-release programs. (†338)