Existing Citations

  • identifier (p. 7): A thing that is used to repeatedly recognise an individual. The Identifier isn’t required to demonstrate the Identity of the individual only that it can be used to recognise the same individual. (†366)
  • identity (p. 3): Within the UK there is no official or statutory attribute or set of attributes that are used to uniquely identify individuals across Government. Neither is there a single official or statutory issued document whose primary purpose is that of identifying an individual. ¶ Without such attributes or documentation it is difficult for any person to be absolutely certain of the identity of another. This document is designed to demonstrate how a combination of the breadth of evidence provided, the strength of the evidence itself, the validation and verification processes conducted and a history of activity can provide various levels of assurance around the legitimacy of an identity. (†364)
  • identity (p. 7): A collection of attributes that uniquely define a person or organisation. The fact of being whom or what a person or thing is. (†365)
  • identity (p. 8): Identity Evidence: Information and/or documentation that is provided by the Applicant to support the Claimed Identity. Identity Evidence must, as a minimum, contain the Personal Details OR the Personal Name and photo/image of the person to whom it was issued. Identity Evidence must be current, i.e. it must not have an expiry date that is before the time of Assessment. Examples of Identity Evidence are given in Annex A (†367)