• ITrust Africa - Launch Report 2014 (†399)

    ITrust, Luciana Duranti, Shadrack Katuu, G Wagener, A Motsi, and E Pretorius. “Report on the Meeting for the Launch of the InterPARES African Team on 27 November 2013, at the University of South Africa, Muckleneuk Ridge Campus, Tshwane,” November 27, 2013.


Existing Citations

  • cloud (n.p.): However, the term Cloud is useful because it conveys the nebulous nature of what happens on the Internet, and the fact that, differently from other industries presenting similar characteristics, like the aero-spatial one, the services offered on the Internet are not much regulated nor are they transparent. [Duranti] (†447)
  • internet (n.p.): Often the Internet is referred to as the Cloud. Technically this is a misuse of terms. I will use the term Internet provider to refer to “entities providing users the ability to communicate through a computer system that processes or stores computer data on behalf of such communication or users.” (Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, 2001). Therefore, there are three “actions” related to the definition of provider: communication, data processing and data storage. [Duranti] (†448)