• Nickel and Vaesen 2012 (†407)

    Nickel, Philip J., and Krist Vaesen. "Risk and Trust." In S. Roeser, R. Hillerbrand, P. Sandin, M. Peterson, eds., Handbook of Risk Theory (Springer, 2012).

Existing Citations

  • trust (858): The first conception of trust, taking its cue from Hobbes, sees trust as a kind of risk assessment involving the expected behavior of another person, for the sake of achieving the likely benefits of cooperation. The second conception of trust sees it as an alternative to calculative risk assessment, in which instead of calculating the risks of relying on another person, one willingly relies on them for other reasons, e.g., habitual, social, or moral reasons. The third conception sees trust as a morally loaded attitude, in which one has a moral expectation that one takes it to be the responsibility of the trusted person to fulfill. (†478)