• Gutwirth 2011 (†429)

    Gutwirth, Serge, Computers, Privacy and Data Protection: an Element of Choice: An Element of Choice (Springer, 2011).

Existing Citations

  • right to be forgotten (p. 90): In a much more developed state is the so-called "right to be forgotten," also known as the right to oblivion, "droit à l’oubli” (French) or “diritto al’oblio” (Italian). This legal figure has been formulated in the French and Italian law (although implicitly) and jurisprudence. Defined as “the right to silence on past events in life that are no longer occurring,” the debate around this right has been recently resumed in Europe with the question of whether internet users should be entitled to erase personal information stored in the internet. Such question becomes particularly pressing when one realizes that the internet tends to record everything and forget nothing. In practical terms, the issue of the right to be forgotten revolved around the questions of granting (or not) to internet users the possibility of deleting personal data (such as images, texts, opinions, official documents, certificates and any other type of personal data describing past behaviours and actions, etc.) from the list of results promoted by search engines, websites, social networks, blogs, etc. (†549)