Existing Citations

  • private cloud : Capacity Service, n. (1) A scalable, on-demand IT service for Enterprise Data Centers derived from deploying server, networking and/or storage hardware and associated software that is (a) priced and ordered on a unit of capacity basis; (b) installed at the customer’s location(s); (c) provisioned, made “Ready-for-Use” and maintained by an IT service provider in accordance with specific Service levels agreements for delivery, repair and return to Service; and (d) priced on a pre-determined, fixed unit-price basis and billed monthly based on ordered capacity. (2) A strategy for acquiring information technology (IT) capabilities to enable Cloud Computing and other embodiments of just-in-time computing. (†559)
  • private cloud : ViON's Capacity Services enable "Private" Cloud Computing by providing a business strategy for customers to acquire and build their own Cloud, at their location(s), to their standards, using their unique security requirements. (†560)