• Khramtsovsky 2014 (†459)

    Khramtsovsky, Natasha. Email to Richard Pearce-Moses, 22 July 2014

Existing Citations

  • big data : I am unhappy with the proposed definition of the “big data”. According to it, big data is just a lot of bytes. From my point of view, big data are characterized by a need to use non-traditional advanced analytic tools to mine for hidden dependencies and facts rather than by their sheer volume. ¶In my opinion, a heap of standard case files that are processed only individually is just a lot of data, but not a “big data” :) (†652)
  • privacy : I would also advise to mention the link between “privacy” and EU term “data protection”. In e-environment privacy protection very often is a synonym for protection of personally identifiable information. This might be of help for colleagues outside of North America. (†653)