• Thomas, 1998 (†475)

    Thomas, C. “Maintaining and Restoring Public Trust in Government Agencies and their Employees.” Administration and Society 30, no.2 (1998):166-193

Existing Citations

  • fiduciary trust (p.170): “Fiduciary trust emerges in principal-agent relationships when principals are unable to monitor or control the performance of their agents and are therefore vulnerable to both malfeasance and misfeasance. In such cases, the asymmetric relationship is supported by the unilateral obligation of the trustee to act in the other’s interest. The principal trusts the agent, but the agent need not trust the principal.” (†677)
  • social trust (p.176): “Social trust is a form of “social capital,” which a society gradually accumulates through the microlevel interactions of individuals and which then becomes a public good on which others draw.” (†678)