• Duranti 2014 (†490)

    Duranti, Luciana. "Historical Documentary Memory in the Cloud: An Oxymoron or the Inescapable Future." [unpub. mss., 2014]

Existing Citations

  • risk (p. 12): A risk is defined as the probability that an adverse event will occur multiplied by the impact that such event would have. It is really a question of comparison among available choices: if it is not possible to have all one wishes to have, what is one to give up with the least consequences? (†746)
  • risk management (p. 19): Another framework relied upon by the information systems management field, among many other fields, is that of risk management, an area of study that complements that of trust and in a way represents its counterpart in the context of making decisions in an uncertain environment. Several models of trust exist but few have explored the relationship between risk and trust. (†747)