• OED 3rd (CD) 2004 (†499)

    Oxford English Dictionary -- v. 3.1 (Oxford University Press, 2004).

Existing Citations

  • collaboration : 1. United labour, co-operation; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work. (†1932)
  • consortium : 1. Partnership, association. Now more specifically, an association of business, banking, or manufacturing organizations. (†1928)
  • convention (s.v. "convention"): 7. a. An agreement or covenant between parties. – b. An agreement creating legal relations. – 9. a. General agreement or consent, deliberate or implicit, as constituting the origin and foundation of any custom, institution, opinion, etc., or as embodied in any accepted usage, standard of behaviour, method of artistic treatment, or the like. (†1927)
  • custody : 1. Safe keeping, protection, defence; charge, care, guardianship. (†788)
  • good faith (s.v. "faith"): 11. good faith, bad faith = L. bona, mala fides, in which the primary notion seems to have been the objective aspect of confidence well or ill bestowed. . . . ¶ a. good faith: fidelity, loyalty [the quality of fulfilling one's trust; faithfulness...]; esp. honesty of intention in entering into engagement, sincerity in professions, bona fides. ¶ b. bad faith: faithlessness, treachery, intent to deceive. (†767)
  • hearsay : 1. That which one hears or has heard some one say; information received by word of mouth, usually with the implication that it is not trustworthy; oral tidings; report, tradition, rumor, common talk, gossip. – 2. a) Of the nature of hearsay. b) founded or depending upon what one has heard said, but not within one's direct knowledge. (†2645)