• Jenkinson 1922 (†502)

    Jenkinson, Hilary. A Manual of Archive Administration: Including the Problems of War Archives and Archive Making. (Humphrey Milford, 1922).

Existing Citations

  • chain of custody (p. 37-38): We have seen that the original custodian of Archives is some person connected with the Administration which produced them: we have seen also that the administrative functions and the Archives may be transferred to a totally different administrative authority without the Archives losing their character; nay, the functions may lapse and the Archives be taken over by some person or office totally unconnected with them and yet the chain of custody remain unbroken. . . . ¶ The question naturally suggests itself, what is the criterion of custody? It would seem that the custody of any given person or official must not cease without his expressly handing over his functions as Archive-keeper to some other responsible person. But this merely leaves us the task of defining a ' responsible person '. (†779)
  • custody (p. 8-9.): Perhaps on account of a false derivation the test of Archive quality has been generally taken to be that of age; but a more satisfactory limitation would probably be the point at which, having ceased to be in current use, they are definitely set aside for preservation, tacitly adjudged worthy of being kept. Unfortunately the time at which this occurs must obviously vary with circumstances. The closest definition, therefore, that we can use in this matter is to say that the documents are set aside for preservation in official custody. (†780)