• Theimer 2010 (†503)

    Theimer, Kate. Web 2.0 Tools and Strategies for Archives and Local History Collections (Neal-Schuman, 2010).

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  • web 2.0 (p. 9-10.): 'Web 2.0' is a buzzword. Like all buzzwords, it gained popularity because it's useful for capturing the meaning of something. But it also has been overused and become something of a cliché. The technology cognoscenti have now moved on and are talking about Web 3.0 (the semantic web) and even Web 4.0. . . . ¶ There is no agree-upon definition of 'Web 2.0'. While O'Reilly Media may have popularized it, the term was not created by one company or type of software. Rather, it describes a confluence of changes in Web design and functionality that resulted in fundamental differences in the ways developers and users approach the Web. The most significant of these changes are the following: · 'Network as platform' or 'cloud computing' . . . · Open standards, open source, openness in general . . . · Creation of syndicated content . . . · Customized Web experience for users · Broad use of interactivity . . . · Prevalence of user-created content · Integration of user-to-user connection . . . (†781)