Existing Citations

  • social trust (n. 5): There is stronger form of this in social trust, which is the feeling about the good disposition of the other his benevolence, or intention to adopt our goals and interest, and this support the belief and feeling of unharmfulness. (†791)
  • trust : In recent research on electronic commerce trust has been recognized as one of the key factors for successful electronic commerce adoption. In electronic commerce problems of trust are magnified, because agents reach out far beyond their familiar trade environments. Also it is far from obvious whether existing paper-based techniques for fraud detection and prevention are adequate to establish trust in an electronic network environment where you usually never meet your trade partner face to face, and where messages can be read or copied a million times without leaving any trace. . . . With the growing impact of electronic commerce distance trust building becomes more and more important, and better models of trust and deception are needed. (†792)