Existing Citations

  • audit : An independent examination of an effort to determine its compliance with a set of requirements. An audit may be carried out by internal or external groups. (†894)
  • compliance : A discipline, set of practices, and/or organizational group that deals with adhering to laws, regulations, standards, and contractual arrangements. Also, the adherence to requirements. (†895)
  • data governance : Data Governance programs often support many types of compliance requirements: Regulatory compliance, contractual compliance, adherence to internal standards, policies, and architectures, and conformance to rules for data management, project management, and other disciplines. (†896)
  • data protection (s.v. "data privacy"): The assurance that a person’s or organization’s personal and private information is not inappropriately disclosed. Ensuring Data Privacy requires Access Management, eSecurity, and other data protection efforts. (†897)
  • information technology governance : The IT Governance Institute defines Information Technology governance as “the leadership, organizational structures, and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the enterprise’s strategies and objectives.” (†898)