• Simonsson, et. al. 2010 (†571)

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Existing Citations

  • information technology governance (p.11): IT governance is a new concept. It emerged in the nineties when Henderson, Venkatraman, and Loh used the term to describe the complex array of interfirm relationships involved in achieving strategic alignment between business and IT (Loh & Venkatraman, 1993; Loh & Henderson, 1993). IT governance today concerns how the IT organization is managed and structured, and it provides mechanisms that enable the development of integrated business and IT plans; it allocates the responsibilities within the IT organization; and it prioritizes IT initiatives (Debraceny, 2006; Holm, Larsen, Kuhn Pedersen, & Viborg Andersen, 2006; Ridley, Young, & Carroll, 2004; Salle & Rosenthal, 2005; Van Grembergen et al 2004; Weill & Ross, 2004). It is important to ensure that the IT governance is not only designed to achieve internal efficiency in the IT organization, such as deploying good IT processes and making sure that the means and goals are documented. The final goal of good IT governance is rather to provide business enabling support. (†959)