• Berman 2008 (†586)

    Berman, Francine. "Got Data? A Guide to Data Preservation in the Information Age" Communications of the ACM 51:12 (December 2008) p.50-56.

Existing Citations

  • authentication (p.55 ): Security measure designed to establish the validity of a transmission, message, or originator or a means of verifying an individual’s authority to receive specific categories of information. (†1178)
  • digital preservation (p.55): Actions undertaken to ensure the long-term viability and availability of the authoritative nature of digital material. Preservation actions should ensure the material remains authentic, reliable, and usable while its integrity is maintained; such actions include validation, assigning preservation metadata, assigning representation information, and ensuring acceptable data structures and file formats. (†1181)
  • integrity (p.55): The condition when data is unchanged from its source and has not been accidently or maliciously modified, altered, or destroyed. (†1179)
  • metadata (p.55): Documentation relating to data content, structure, provenance (history), and context (such as experimental parameters and environmental conditions). Standards for metadata provide a basis for widespread community data sharing. (†1180)