Existing Citations

  • security (p.6): Among the most significant security risks associated with cloud computing is the tendency to bypass information technology (IT) departments and information officers. Although shifting to cloud technologies exclusively is affordable and fast, doing so undermines important business-level security policies, processes, and best practices. In the absence of these standards, businesses are vulnerable to security breaches that can quickly erase any gains made by the switch to SaaS. (†1359)
  • threat (p.6-7): In this most recent edition of this report, experts identified the following nine critical threats to cloud security (ranked in order of severity): 1. Data Breaches, 2. Data Loss, 3. Account Hijacking, 4. Insecure APIs, 5. Denial of Service, 6. Malicious Insiders, 7. Abuse of Cloud Services, 8. Insufficient Due Diligence, 9. Shared Technology Issues. (†1360)