• Schulz 2009 (†596)

    Schultz, Beth. "How to Buy Cloud Computing Services" Network World 26:19 (May 18, 2009), p.27-28.

Existing Citations

  • security (p.28): ...meeting security requirements in the cloud means encrypting data while in transit and at rest, using secure protocols such as Secure-HTTP, and vetting a provider's access control mechanisms...query providers about who, physically, has access to machines hosting your data. ...specify who can make changes, update, view or otherwise manipulate your data and have access to the audit trail... A cloud provider should be telling you with high degree of detail how often it backs up data, where it's backed up, how it's protected from a security standpoint, and how quickly it can restore data if the main system goes down and it's restored to a hot failover system... (†1376)