• Kirby 2010 (†598)

    Kirby, Paul. "Microsoft Urges Congress, Administration to Enhance Security of Cloud Computing" Cybersecurity Policy Report (January 25, 2010), p.N/A.

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  • liability : Another issue, speakers said, is how liable cloud service providers will be for data breaches. "If we hold cloud service providers liable for everything, that's a great way to kill the cloud," Mr. Nelson (visiting professor, internet studies, Georgetown University) said. Mr. Smith (Microsoft general counsel and senior vice president) agreed: While a "strict liability standard" would be inappropriate, companies don't believe they are "immune from the law," he said, and courts are likely to take a "middle ground." (†1377)
  • privacy : Mr. Nelson (visiting professor-internet studies, Georgetown University)also stressed the need for the U.S. to act soon to set an example for other countries on the access to cloud data by government agencies. "We have to make clear as a government that the cloud is not going to be a privacy-free zone - that you're going to need some kind of search warrant," he said. (†1378)
  • privacy : Robert Atkinson, founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation,...rejected the suggestion that free cloud services should come with the maximum amount of privacy protections. "If you want the gold-plated thing, buy it," he said. (†1379)