• Bender 2012 (†604)

    Bender, David. "Privacy and Security Issues in Cloud Computing" Computer and Internet Lawyer 29:10 (October 2012), p.1-15

Existing Citations

  • cloud computing (p.1): Cloud computing involves use of the Internet to transmit one’s data to a remote computer, and use of the software and data storage available in that remote computer to do one’s processing and store one’s data. The theory is that, because the operator of that remote computer will have one or more large facilities processing and storing data for many clients, the operator will be able economically to have more and better application software, system maintenance expertise, and perhaps storage, than would any single client. Accordingly, so goes the theory, the user gets superior processing, storage, and scalability at a lower price. (†1394)
  • cloud computing (p.1-2): Another definition emanates from the Cloud Legal Project at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary, University of London: Cloud Computing is a way of delivering computing power to you, wherever and whenever you need it, as a utility like water or electricity. Like such a utility, it allows you to use as much or as little as you need (be it processing power or data storage)... Like a utility, the provider shares a large resource among a pool of users, allowing economy of scale and efficient sharing of demand. And like a utility, if you pay for Cloud computing services you often do so in proportion to your use, rather than a flat fee. (†1395)