• Matthews 2010 (†606)

    Matthews, Steve. "Anonymity and the Social Self" American Philosophical Quarterly 47:4 (October 2010), p.351-363.

Existing Citations

  • anonymous (p.351): We will take anonymity to be representative of a suite of techniques of nonidentifiability that persons use to manage and protect their privacy. At the core of these techniques is the aim of being untrackable; this means that others lack the information they would need either to intrude physically upon me or to discover some private facts about me. Anonymity often enough goes together with privacy, but not always. ...Anonymity and other techniques of nonidentifiability function as the gatekeepers of the boundary between our private selves and the public domain, and for that reason they are important to the control we have over others' perceptions of, and beliefs about us. (†1397)