• Nissenbaum 1999 (†607)

    Nissenbaum, Helen. "The Meaning of Anonymity in an Information Age" Information Society 15:2 (April-June 1999), p.141-144.

Existing Citations

  • anonymous (p.142-143): In the computerized world, with the systems of information that we currently have in place, namelessness by itself is no longer sufficient for protecting what is at stake in anonymity. If it is true, as I have suggested, that one can gain access to a person through bits, or constellations of bits, of information, then protecting anonymity today amounts to more than merely withholding a name. It means withholding the information or constellation of information it now takes to get at, or get to, a person. When we think of protecting anonymity we must think about this broader range of possibilities; we must think not only of how a person can prevent his or her name from being divulged, but how a person can prevent all the crucial bits of information from being divulged, especially the bits of information that when divulged would enable access to him or her. (†1398)