• Harbert 2011 (†634)

    Harbert, Tam. "A New Job for Mainframes?" Computerworld 45:13 (July 18, 2011), p.20,22,24-25.

Existing Citations

  • provisioning (p. 22): "A mainframe is a cloud," contends Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International, a data management consultancy in Dunedin, Florida. If you, like Toigo, define a cloud as a resource that can be dynamically provisioned and made available within a company with security and good management controls, "then all of that exists already in a mainframe," he says. Of course, Toigo's isn't the only definition of what constitutes a cloud. Most experts say that a key attribute of the cloud is that the dynamic provisioning is self-service - that is, at the user's demand. But the controlled environment of the mainframe, which is the basis for much of its security, traditionally requires an administrator to provision computing power for specific tasks. That's why the mainframe has a reputation as old technology that operates under an outdated IT paradigm of command and control. (†1434)