• Messmer 2013 (†636)

    Messmer, Ellen. "Can your cloud provider get evidence you need?" Network World 30:4 (March 11, 2013), p.15.

Existing Citations

  • digital forensics (p.15): ANY BUSINESS that anticipates using cloud-based services should be asking the question: What can my cloud provider do for me in terms of providing digital forensics data in the event of any legal dispute, civil or criminal case, cyberattack or data breach? It's going to be different for every provider, according to the industry insiders and legal experts who discussed this topic during a panel session at the recent RSA Conference. And complicating cloud-based forensics is that the high-tech industry is still scratching its collective head over basic requirements, some of which are being pounded out now in the Cloud Forensics Working Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). (†1437)
  • digital forensics (p.15): Teppler, who spoke on the panel, said the focus for any lawyer is on obtaining cloud forensics evidence which will lay a foundation for admissibility under the law that a jury can weigh, based on the "provenance" of the information - the who, what and where of the data. He also noted the process known as "legal discovery" to collect information in any dispute is always constrained by time and expense. (†1438)