• Loveland, et al. 2008 (†643)

    Loveland, S., E. M. Dow, F. LeFevre, D. Beyer, and P. F. Chan. "Leveraging virtualization to optimize high-availability system configurations" IBM Systems Journal 47:4 (October-December 2008), p.591-604.

Existing Citations

  • availability (p.591): The more available a computer system is, the more value it can provide to its users. When a computer system is designed for high availability (HA), its downtime over a given interval is guaranteed to be smaller than a specified limit. Achieving such an availability objective often involves the use of redundant physical resources, which, for some users, may prohibitively increase its cost. Also, the software configuration activity and management tasks required to assemble and coordinate all elements of the HA solution and its monitoring infrastructure into a single, well-functioning unit can be daunting. The resulting complexity can further inhibit the adoption of HA solutions. (†1448)
  • availability (p.602): Availability requirements vary with the application – they range from noncritical to continuous. The requirements for increased availability are balanced against the associated costs. Virtualization offers the potential to decrease these costs and thus to make higher levels of availability possible for a given budget. (†1449)