Existing Citations

  • Capability Maturity Model : CMM and Capability Maturity Model are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. CMM Integration, CMMI, SCAMPI, and IDEAL are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University (†1470)
  • Capability Maturity Model (p. i): Since 1991, CMMs have been developed for a myriad of disciplines. Some of the most notable include models for systems engineering, software engineering, software acquisition, workforce management and development, and Integrated Product and Process Development. (†1471)
  • maturity model (p. 13): Capability levels focus on growing the organization’s ability to perform, control, and improve its performance in a process area. Capability levels enable you to track, evaluate, and demonstrate your organization’s progress as you improve processes associated with a process area. Capability levels build on each other, providing a recommended order for approaching process improvement. ¶  There are six capability levels, designated by the numbers 0 through 5: 0. Incomplete – 1. Performed – 2. Managed – 3. Defined – 4. Quantitatively Managed – 5. Optimizing (†1547)