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Existing Citations

  • disaster recovery plan : Preparing a disaster recovery plan is not a solitary effort. It requires the expertise, ingenuity, and cooperation of corporate employees and top-level decision makers. A well-planned DRP requires three main functional areas (management, information technology, and human resources) to participate and prepare themselves for subjects such as employee awareness, and safety of computer technology and data security. (†1545)
  • disaster recovery plan : The Business Recovery Plan is the document used to assist an organization in recovering its business functions. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), however, is a document designed to assist an organization in recovering from data losses and restoring data assets. A DRP should be a pro-active document, a living and breathing document. It does not document the tasks, it is an action plan that is used to identify a set of policies, procedures, and resources that are used to monitor and maintain corporate information technology (IT) before, during, and after the disaster. (†1546)