Existing Citations

  • archival cloud : [Characteristics of an archival cloud include] ¶ Transparency: · An unbroken chain of legitimate custody would be demonstrable · Records reliability could be inferred from known creation processes · Records authenticity could be inferred from the documentary context and a known preservation process ¶ Stability: · An archival cloud would guarantee that each record’s context is defined and unchanged, with all its relationships intact. ¶ Permanence: · Retention and disposition plans would be integrated with migration plans · There would be no risk of termination of contract or provider for the archival cloud ¶ We do not have to renounce our preservation mission to protect tomorrow’s digital heritage. We have to frame it differently, with the help of interdisciplinary and international research. (†1683)
  • identity metadata : The whole of the attributes of a record that characterize it as unique, and that distinguish it from other records. [Examples include] · names of the persons concurring in its creation · date(s) and time(s) of issuing, creation and transmission · the matter or action in which it participates · the expression of its archival bond · documentary form · digital presentation · the indication of any attachment(s) · digital signature · name of the person responsible for the business matter (†1680)
  • integrity metadata : A record has integrity if the message it is meant to communicate in order to achieve its purpose is unaltered. Integrity metadata [includes]: · name(s) of handling persons over time · name of person responsible for keeping the record · indication of annotations · indication of technical changes · indication of presence or removal of digital signature · time of planned removal from the system · time of transfer to a custodian · time of planned deletion · existence and location of duplicates outside the system (†1681)