Existing Citations

  • data anonymization (p. 2): It was found that 87% (216 million of 248 million) of the population in the United States had reported characteristics that likely made them unique based only on [5-digit ZIP, gender, date of birth]. About half of the U.S. population (132 million of 248 million or 53%) are likely to be uniquely identified by only [place, gender, date of birth], where place is basically the city, town, or municipality in which the person resides. And even at the county level, [county, gender, date of birth] are likely to uniquely identify 18% of the U.S. population. In general, few characteristics are needed to uniquely identify a person. (†1551)
  • reidentification (p. 2): Linking can be used to re-identify de-identified data. (†1642)