Existing Citations

  • data masking (p. 2): Data Masking is the replacement of existing sensitive information in test or development databases with information that looks real but is of no use to anyone who might wish to misuse it. In general, the users of the test, development or training databases do not need to see the actual information as long as what they are looking at looks real and is consistent. (†1593)
  • data masking (p. 8): Masking data, besides being the generic term for the process of data anonymization, means replacing certain fields with a mask character (such as an X). This effectively disguises the data content while preserving the same formatting on front end screens and reports. [For example, after masking, a credit card number might appear as 4346 XXXX XXXX 5379.] (†1594)
  • data sanitization (p. 22): Given the legal and organizational operating environment of today, many test and development databases will require some form of sanitization in order to render the informational content anonymous (†1595)